The Classic Beauty of Austin Plantation Shutters

custom shutter design AustinDesigners and decorators have been incorporating plantation shutters into room designs for years. From full length to café style shutters that cover only the bottom half of a window, they come in a variety of options and colors that can meet the needs of any design. Some manufacturers even offer motorized plantation shutters that allow you to adjust the amount and angle of natural light at the touch of a button.


The History of Plantation Shutters

When people think about plantation shutters, the South typically comes to mind with shutters that adorn the windows of many plantations and mansions. However, the use of plantation shutters is traceable to ancient Greece.

When first created, shutters were used more for their functionality than their design. They controlled the amount of light in a space and provided ventilation and protection from the rain and wind. Modern shutters serve this purpose as well, but people use them to complement the look of a room, even an entire house.

Shutters used in ancient Greece were made of marble, making them very heavy, solid, and strong. Marble was difficult to work with and created manufacturing issues as the shutters became more popular. Woodworkers stepped in and created shutters that were more versatile and easier to build and use.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the popular shutters made its way to America. The South was the first to adopt the trend, utilizing them in large manor homes. Thus, the window treatments eventually became known as plantation shutters.


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Durability and Quality of Austin Shutters

Plantation shutters add more than just beauty to your design – they also are functional. Shutters offer privacy when needed and can allow ample ventilation. Since a simple adjustment of the louvers can allow you to block out or limit the amount of natural light that passes through them, they help make your home more energy efficient. Their basic design also helps insulate your home from sound and extreme temperatures, keeping the heat out during the hot summer months and deflecting the cooler temperatures during the fall and winter. Styles that feature larger louvers also help protect furniture from damaging UV rays.

These shutters are also durable and you won’t need to replace them every few years like some other window treatments. They are relatively low maintenance and are easy to clean and wipe down. Unlike curtains or other fabric window treatments, the design of plantation shutters helps prevent dust from building up or collecting, an added bonus for those who suffer from allergies or a sensitivity to dust.


Plantation Shutter Customization

Whether you want to fit a standard-size window or create a privacy-enhancing solution for an oversized sliding door, you can have plantation shutters customized to fit any space. Measurements ensure the shutters will fit perfectly, no matter the size or angles of your window. The cost and look of the shutters will vary depending on the material you choose. Most shutters are either vinyl, composite faux wood, or natural wood.

Shutters are a versatile design element. Unlike some other window treatments, you can pair plantation shutters with curtains, valances, or other window coverings to create a more cozy, welcoming environment, or you can choose to go with just a shutter for a polished, more traditional look. If you have a creative mind, your design options are endless.

Austin Plantation shutters also offer a variety of optional features. For an unobstructed view without opening your shutters, consider the invisible-tilt plantation shutter design. Without a center tilt-down rod, these shutters offer all the benefits of traditional shutters plus a clear line of sight. Some shutters can be automated as well. You can have them programmed to open and close during a specific time of day or you can control them with a remote.

Regardless of your budget and design requirements, a plantation shutter can meet your needs, so contact The Shading Company of San Antonio to help you determine the type of shutter you need, even before you decide on the materials and colors.

Some homeowners opt to install shutters only in windows at the front of the home, boosting curb appeal and aesthetic value, and others may choose to install shutters only on odd-shaped oversized windows, creating a focal point within a room.


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Plantation Shutters Will Increase the Value of Your Texas Home

Plantation shutters offer an elegance and beauty to your home that will increase its value – since most are custom made, homeowners often leave the plantation blinds when they move. Their classic beauty adds to your curb appeal and gives your home a timeless look and feel.