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Top Reasons to Add Motorized Screens to Your Austin Home

It’s no secret that installing motorized screens to your home will greatly increase its value. Their long-lasting convenience is an investment in your family’s future and your home’s value. Because they last longer than traditional shades or blinds and their classic design won’t go out of style, you don’t need to worry about replacing them. Overall, there’s no better investment when it comes to updating your home.

Pick the Right Screen

If you’re ready for an upgrade to motorized shades or screens, there are several choices ahead of you. Beyond choosing which type and style will best suit your home, various brands each offer something unique. Whether it’s enhanced durability, visual appeal, materials, or color choices, there’s a feature that will make one ideal for your home.

Navigating the features of numerous brands can be tedious work, so we’ve compiled a list of the four major competitors and what they offer. Phantom Screens, Rainer, Universal Screens, and Mirage are industry leaders with proud service histories. To determine which one offers what you need, see our list below:


  • Phantom Screens – Austin, TX. Phantom Screens offer a variety of indoor and outdoor retractable options. Its advanced mesh is designed to keep insects and harsh sunlight out while letting fresh air in. Phantom also lets buyers decide how their screens will operate by offering the option of hand-held or wall-mounted controls. The company offers a full warranty to customers.


  • Rainer – Austin, TX. From retractable awnings to solar screens, Rainer’s shade designs are innovative and expansive. Its line of “solar screens” provides protection from sunlight, UV rays, wind, insects, and more. Discreet, retractable awnings are one of its most impressive features. These are a custom design, constructed with customers in mind. When the awning isn’t in use, it retracts into an unobtrusive accent that looks like a natural part of any home. When you don’t need the awning’s protection, it virtually disappears from view.


  • Universal Screens – Austin, TX. Universal Screens’ Motion options are available in a number of colors. Those made of clear vinyl provide the perfect balance of sunlight and protection from the elements, making them ideal for a four-season room.

    Tinted privacy screens are also available for outdoor areas such as pools or hot tubs, giving you fresh air without sacrificing privacy. Solar screens can protect you and your family from sunlight and are available in the color of your choice. These also come equipped with a sensor that automatically raises or lowers them depending on the sun level.


  • Mirage – Austin, TX. Mirage also offers advanced color options for its advanced powder coating retractable screen doors. With 10 different wood grain finishes and over 25 colors, it’s hard to imagine not finding something you like. But in case you don’t, Mirage will provide a custom color based on your specifications. The company has a retractable screen for any area of your home and includes professional, custom installation for every order.

  • Motorized, retractable screens can improve any home, but deciding which one is best for you is a personal choice. What feature is most important as a homeowner? Protection from the elements as provided by Phantom? The visual appeal of an “invisible” awning designed by Rainer? Maybe Universal Screens addresses your primary concern of shade options, from tinted to clear – or is Mirage’s ability to match your retractable door with the rest of your home’s trim what matters most?

    Whatever your screening needs, you can find what you’re looking for with the options available. Are you ready to update your home?

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