Need Help Buying Plantation Shutters In Austin?

Plantation shutters have been in use for hundreds of years around the world. They are an immensely popular window treatment option in homes of every style, offering a touch of timeless beauty and a variety of attractive benefits for homeowners. If you know you want plantation shutters in your Austin home, you’ve already completed the first step. With so many styles and purchasing options on the market, however, you may have trouble saying yes to the perfect ones. Ask yourself these questions to narrow down the right plantation shutters for your home.

What Overall Look Are You Going For?

The size of the louvers should be one of your first considerations, as this can greatly change the overall look of the shutters. “Louvers” refer to the horizontal pieces of wood (or other material) of the plantation shutter that lift up and down. In the 1980s and ‘90s, louvers at 2.5 inches were the most popular style for plantation shutters. Smaller louvers, 1-1.25 inches wide, are available, with many panels in a window that bi- or tri-fold to allow light. Smaller panels were most popular in the early days of window treatments and are most appropriate for homes trying to achieve a “period” look.


Louver options for Austin plantation shutters


Nowadays, modern Austin homes tend to boast wider louvers. Nearly 98 percent of plantation shutters use 3.5-inch louvers, which offer the same privacy as the 2.5 when closed, but require fewer louvers to fill the panel. This is the standard louver size that most homeowners prefer. You can go even larger, with louvers of 4.5 inches, for the most contemporary style. Louvers this large are sure to make a statement on your window treatments!

Traditional or Unique Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters offer classic beauty to any home, but they don’t have to be the mark of traditionalism. Austin plantation shutters now come in a large choice of colors, textures, materials, and finishes. Go plain white on real wood for the traditional plantation shutter look, or make them your own with over 20 standard paint colors to pick from. If that is not enough we can customize a color to match your home’s interior.


custom dark stained plantation shutters in Texas kitchen


We offer designer paint colors, and can provide a sample before we create the finished product. We can also apply five different artisan stain techniques and 13 standard stain colors for an almost endless combination of looks. You can create shutters that are as traditional or contemporary as you want, to match your home, décor, and personality.

What Size and Shape Do You Require?

The mechanics of your Austin plantation shutters is just as important as how they look. You must find shutters that will fit seamlessly with your windows. This might mean finding a company that will custom create your shutters to accommodate unusual shapes and sizes. The Shading Company can manufacture plantation shutters for unusual angles, arched windows, skylights, and other unique settings. Since plantation shutters use real wood components, it’s easy to manufacture them to work with a wide range of windows and doors. You can use special plantation shutter tracks to cover large areas and even sliding glass doors.

For any questions or concerns, contact our team. We’re happy to walk you through the process of selecting, designing, and installing your ideal plantation shutters in Austin.