How Austin Plantation Shutters Can Increase Property Value

If you are ready to list your home in the Austin real estate market, you may be looking for quick and cost-effective ways to increase property value. Even if you aren’t selling your home, you may want to boost curb appeal and shine in your neighborhood. The simplest solutions rarely give the most value, but there is a marked exception – plantation shutters; they are easy to design and install with help from a professional and immediately add value to your property. Learn all the ways adding Austin plantation shutters to your home can help.

Custom Austin Window Treatments Add Value

Custom window treatments immediately boost the value of a home – but only if they are permanent. Sellers don’t typically take plantation shutters with them when they move out of a home, because shutters are custom fitted to specific windows, making them a permanent fixture. When buyers see that a home comes with custom plantation shutters, they are more willing to pay top dollar. They want the privacy, convenience, and light/temperature control these special shutters offer.

Plantation Shutters Last for Years

Unlike blinds, curtains, and draperies, plantation shutters last for decades without signs of wear. The sun’s harsh UV rays will eventually make the color of curtains and custom draperies fade, but it won’t affect wooden or polywood shutters. If the sun does make painted shutters fade, it’s a simple and affordable fix – no need for replacement. Wooden and polywood shutters are extremely durable, with none of the pitfalls of other Austin window treatments. Their simple and effective operation makes them viable for years to come.

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Exterior Plantation Shutters Look Great from the Curb

Installing gorgeous plantation shutters in custom colors on the exterior of your home can be both a functional and aesthetic investment. You can still use your Austin plantation shutters from inside the home, but you can also enjoy the visual appeal of these classic shutters on the exterior. From the curb, plantation shutters can complement your home’s architecture. In your choice of color, these durable shutters can really make an impact. Plus, exterior plantation shutters are easy to clean using a pressure washer.

Shutters Lend Energy Efficiency

When listing your home, you can factor in the energy cost savings the buyer will enjoy to the price of the home. Plantation shutters can reflect the sun’s rays in the summer and block out frigid air in the winter – keeping a home comfortable without overloading the HVAC system. In Austin, Texas, effective shutters are a major plus. Plantation shutters put the homeowner in control of interior temperatures without the hefty energy bills.

Interested in Plantation Shutters in Austin?

Plantation shutters are an investment that pays for itself. Between extra energy savings, added home comfort, and increased property value, you may even make money from purchasing these shutters. To partner with a reliable professional in Austin who will customize and install your wooden or polywood shutters, contact The Shading Company. We can custom paint our shutters to perfectly match your home’s décor and help you choose the ideal material, style, size, and shape to add value to your home. Schedule a free consultation today.