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Window coverings significantly impact both the style and mood of a room. Whether you want to achieve a modern, sophisticated design or a classic, elegant design, Austin window coverings are a focal feature that set the decorating tone of a room. Interior roller shades (also called roll-down shades or roller blinds) fit inside the window casing next to the window sash and are available in a wide variety of fabrics and weaves. The least expensive and simplest are typically opaque and are usually installed to darken rooms and provide full privacy. Roller shades offer some energy benefits by providing a small amount of insulation (less than fabric curtains), trapping air, and blocking sunlight. Hunter Douglas Austin roller shades  
Our Austin roller shades are available from manufacturers such as Hunter Douglas, Norman Window Fashions or Timber Blinds and come in special high performance fabrics that optimally control UV rays, glare and heat penetration. No matter the color or pattern of the side that faces the room, the exterior is highly reflective. This allows visible light to be transmitted while still blocking out strong rays that can damage and fade furniture and fabrics. Darker fabrics reduce glare and still allow visibility, while lighter fabrics are a good choice when heat management is a concern.

SolarVue Roller Shades

The Timber Blinds SolarVue roller shade collection is a popular favorite among many Austin homeowners for the many attributes they offer. Their simple lines and neutral tones are ideal for any setting. From superb energy efficiency to their view through ability, our customers love this product.  
  • Available Roller Shade Styles: Manual, Classic Spring Roller, Motorized, Cordless, Fixed screen shades

  • Roller Shade Fabric Opacities: 1% – 25% openness and Blackout

  • Roller Shade Fabric Offerings: Over 250, including eco-friendly and high energy efficiency offerings

  • Roller Shade Design Options: Cassette, Fascia, Dust Cover Valance, Sill/Side Chanel, Backplate, Decorative Hem with Trim

  • Commercial offerings are available.

Austin Roller Shades


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